What Your Shoes Say About You?


What Your Shoes Say About You?

Our shoes are our pride and joy. We all have our own style and this shines through by how we cut our hair, do our makeup, select our clothes and of course the footwear we choose. Every detail speaks to our personality, character, what we do and who we interact with.

If you are someone that enjoys wearing sneakers, our fashion experts can tell what this says about your personality. This applies to boot wearers, ladies who only wear heels and the everyday flip-flop wearer. These all give us an inside look into the type of person you are, be it a go-getter, a chilled and laid back individual or a boss. 

Here is what our experts say your shoes tell us about you.

Who knew our shoes could say so much about us. Each pair speaks volumes in their own right. To trend with pride in which every pair of footwear suits your needs and personality.



If you are an avid fan of fitness challenges and are great at setting goals and sticking to them, running shoes are your preferred footwear of choice. An individual of your stature is someone who is confident, goal-orientated, enjoys taking care of everything and being everywhere. You are the vision of a go-getter and someone with impeccable multi-tasking skills.



When putting a look together in the morning, do you have a tendency to lean more towards your flats? Then we are pretty sure you are the leader of the pack. You are the active individual who makes sure things get done before anyone asks questions and without a second thought. You are focused and intentional on getting tasks done. Therefore thinking “what to wear” is not a priority for you. Flats will always do. You walk with an air of humility and do not require any recognition for your efforts. You pride yourself in a job done well and efficiently.



Grounded, practical and an analytical thinker - this is how we would describe the individual who enjoys wearing work boots or heavy-duty footwear. You are an individual who approaches life with a strategy. You are two to three steps ahead of the pack, and you have no concerns with unforeseen circumstances. You are prepared for anything that may come your way.



This needs no explanation. Flip flops are synonymous with the beach, lazing by the pool or taking a leisurely stroll by the promenade. Flip-flop wearers are happy to go with the ebb and flow to see where each hour takes them. They are not concerned with societal pressures but rather live to the beat of their own drum… or rather the flip of their own flop. A flip-flop wearer can be described as someone who is spontaneous and open in their thinking.



If you are an individual who finds it easy to relate to people of all ages, you are most likely an avid sneaker person. You are open with conversing with those much older than you and you are able to kick it with the kids. You are friendly, versatile (like a sneaker as you can wear it with jeans and suit) and you consider age a simple number. You are very open-minded and willing to venture into various avenues and explore multiple ideas with your energetic and ageless charm. Like sneakers, you never really go out of style.

Who knew our shoes could say so much about us. Each pair speaks volumes in their own right. To trend with pride in which every pair of footwear suits your needs and personality.


Our love for craft is legendary, and resides in the details of every shoe. Each stitch is an expression of passion and progress. We revel in the effort. We earn the right to let loose and be swept up by the energy of our fascinating friends. We seek beauty and excitement in every corner of our lives. We are discerning and uncompromising — from work, to play, to celebration.

Every moment of every day is well crafted, and thus, well lived.

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