Our “urban explorers” are individuals from all walks of life, colour and culture that leave a mark wherever they tread - Curtis Kettledas is no exception! This multi-talented musician is an entertainment stalwart and has inspired, moved and shake audiences all over the South African urban landscape and music scene.

Through our urban explorer series, we will take the Sebago brand to uncharted territories’ and into the urban jungle. We will look at people and places from a South Africa urban landscape and showcase the beauty and talent this country has to offer. So without further adieu, let’s delve into the life and talent of musician Curtis K: a vibrant, young saxophonist from Uitenhage in the Eastern Cape. We took him to a spectacular location in Port Elizabeth, where he strutted his stuff in a pair of beautifully crafted Sebago’s.




Jazz saxophonist, Curtis Kettledas obtained his music degree along with honours from the Nelson Mandela University , Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape. However, his passion for music was ignited during his childhood. At the tender age of 10, Curtis showed a remarkable and rare interest in the saxophone when he began playing in the Uitenhage Community Wind Band. He then went on further to play in various local & national churches. You could say this is where the performance bug bit. 

By performing in various churches, he gained tremendous experience on stage by being the saxophonist in many local jazz bands. He has also featured with ensembles such as the John Edwards Quartet/Quintet, AdLib Entertainment, CenterStage, and Two-tone Band, to name but a few. 


Playing as a part of the Jazz ensembles of Nelson Mandela University and Nelson Mandela Bay, Curtis soon took to the stage to perform as the opening act for various international artists, like George Benson, Fletch Wiley, Ernie Smith, Hugh Masekela, Feya Faku, and Gloria Bosman.


For six years, Curtis taught and shared his knowledge and passion for music by lecturing music students who selected jazz saxophone as a major. He went on to teach beginners at Nelson Mandela University as well.


In 2014, the local jazz saxophone sensation took to the shores of Taiwan and spent six months as a part of an international ensemble of 6 musicians called the “Mirage Live Jazz band”. Whilst being a member of this band, he was also afforded opportunities to perform on international stages in Spain, France, Italy and South Africa. He later went on to leave his mark on the music world by releasing two Gospel albums and hosted many solo concerts in and around Nelson Mandela Bay


It is safe to say that this musical talent is a force to be reckoned with. He has made his mark of the local and international stage, proving that he can own his craft not only by performing but by teaching it as well – in essence, an urban explorer and inspiration by means of his musical ventures and cultural exploration.


Our love for craft is legendary, and resides in the details of every shoe. Each stitch is an expression of passion and progress. We revel in the effort. We earn the right to let loose and be swept up by the energy of our fascinating friends. We seek beauty and excitement in every corner of our lives. We are discerning and uncompromising — from work, to play, to celebration.

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