Top 3 Announcement – The Sebago Dynamic Designer Competition


Our Sebago Dynamic Designer Competition has yielded the most unique and exciting results – showing only the brightest future for young South African creatives and their vision of Sebago and fashion.

After a gruelling elimination process, we have finally settled on our top 3 finalists and are ready to introduce you to them, in no particular order.

Justin Pillay

Justin Pillay

About his design and style, Justin says:

“My personal style could be described as trendy hipster and rebellious. It usually consists of distressed and worn-out pieces paired with interesting artistic jewellery. I'm drawn to neutral and monochromic colours but every designer knows never commit to one style. As a designer I know style fits with your surroundings so I dress accordingly with a bit of my own twist. My ideas are based on individuality and the confidence to live as one wants to instead of following trends. I usually choose conscious pieces over fast fashion. I express looks that run boldly to eccentric styles creating my own imperfect balance. In my illustration I chose to display a little of both my rebel and subtle, tame side. I do hope you guys like it.”

We love Justin’s idea of conscious pieces over fast fashion, because at Sebago we believe in the magic of a life well-crafted and the durability of the finest quality leather.

In his design, you’ll see the Sebago Dockside Portland Nubuck in Brown-Taupe – effortlessly paired with chic neutrals.

Arthur Mahlangu

Arthur Mahlangu

“I am a young, South African, self-taught, creative artist. I’m motivated by seeing other artists’ fashion style and combining them to fit into my personality. When I saw this Sebago opportunity I got excited because it makes me more creative and makes me seek more fashion styles. Being versatile is my style and it will never run out of fashion, just like Sebago shoes. Thank you for this opportunity.”

Arthur seems to have understood the timelessness of Sebago when it comes to the ever-changing fashion world.

In his design, you can see the Sebago Portland Jib in Sage – Taupe - Camel, stylistically put together with an on-trend South African aesthetic.

Dustin August

Dustin August

“My name is Dustin August and my creative expression lies within the lines of architecture, photography, graphic design and illustration. I see myself as a self-taught multi-disciplined creative and I guess that’s how I see my approach to fashion: easy and pragmatic, honest and sometimes subversive, but always leaving little clues to order and structure. I enjoy classic lines, airy silhouettes and personalised details that, when allowed to play together, conjure up stories of days gone by and futures that can still be. All this to say, a pair of Sebago shoes plays very well in the company of that combination as it lends itself to classic sensibility while complementing the changing spirit of fashion and style. And for this reason it has room in the South African context where the experience of fashion is personal and in constant flux, morphing to the influences picked up from around the world.”

Dustin’s style is certainly inimitable!

In his design, the classic Sebago Portland Rookies in Dark Brown - Tan Gum is illustrated as the ageless and enduring boat shoe that it was always meant to be.

What are your thoughts on these creative South African designs?

Stay tuned for more info on how the ultimate winner will be chosen, with the final announcement to happen in June.

All the best to our top 3 Sebago Dynamic Designer Competition finalists!