The trend of wearing socks and boat shoes


The Do’s and Don’ts of Pin Rolling your jeans.

How to wear boat shoes with socks.  

Being fashionable in winter can somewhat be overlooked by males. Females go into the season with the intention of looking good in layered clothing and accessories. Yet men can have some trouble spicing up their looks. Thankfully the trend of showing off your socks has saved the day. But how do we effectively show off those brightly coloured socks when wearing chinos or jeans? By pin rolling them – of course. 

2016 through to 2018 has seen a wide range of socks with bold patterns, prints and colours. By pin rolling your jeans or chinos – it creates a big fashion moment and when done right it can be very stylish and unique. We first saw this trend on the red carpet with the classic suit and formal shoe combination. Since then the look has evolved. We are seeing it more in the form of the causal loafer and jeans combo and the boat shoe with a fresh pair of chinos. 

What really pulls the idea of socks and boat shoes together is the "pin roll" style. This is how we are able to take this summer staple and reinvent it for winter. Adding a pair of boldly printed socks to an already established look, we can reaffirm it by making it winter appropriate. 

Maxhosa Socks

Photo Credit: MaXhosa by Laduma

There are a few rules for pulling the pin roll style off. We have put together a list of Do’s and Don’ts to the Pin roll. 

The Do’s of the Pin roll 

  1. Make sure that you roll your pants/jeans twice to hide the hem within the cuff of your folds. 
  2. The ideal way to style this for winter would be to add boldly printed socks and stylish boat shoes – like a Sebago Dockside 
  3. Why pin roll in winter? To keep your jeans/pants clean and dry.
  4. Lastly, pin roll your jeans to mix up your look. Men’s fashion can become redundant. Therefore, adding a pin roll to your look can give it a fresh perspective. 

The Don’ts of the Pin roll 

  1. Don’t pin roll jeans that aren’t stylish. For example, work jeans or bootleg jeans. Instead, opt for straight cut jeans. 
  2. Don’t pin roll your pants/jeans unless your shoes are worthy of being seen. Here a great pair of Sebago Docksides will come in handy. 
  3. Can you pin roll formal pants? Don’t pin roll trousers unless they are chinos. 
  4. Don’t pin roll jeans or pants that are too long. You will end up with three or four cuff rolls instead of the recommended two. Select pants that cover your ankle and pin roll them twice, till they are just above your ankle. 

Photo Credit: Pinterest | The Idle Man | Ferbena

There are multiple ways of styling the pin roll look. Men, love keeping it simple. Pair your pin roll jeans/pants with a crisp shirt, cardigan or casual blazer, and you have yourself a stylish winter look. Don’t forget your bold socks and Sebago Docksides.

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