As we migrate into the warmer seasons, so must our wardrobes. If you’re envisioning strolls along the beach, traverse the beachfront with casual finesse or class it up with sunset cocktails on a deck with an ocean view, then it is time to look the part. Navy blue and white stripes, anchor motifs and white, breathable fabrics are what come to mind when envisioning an outfit for such activities. 

Here are a few guidelines to keep your nautical look as current and trendy as possible this seaside summer.

Striped To The T
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We can all agree that the Breton stripe is an irrefutable classic when it comes to nautical fashion. If anything, it is what defines the aesthetic of this fashion trend. Referred to as the navy blue and white striped T-shirt, the Breton has been worn by fisherman and sailors. 

Traditionally made of wool and cotton, the fabric is both stylish and breathable, making it great for warm days. Another recurring key feature is the boat neck cut that widens the neckline and exposes the collar bones. However, when it gets nippy you can always cover up effortlessly with a light cardigan or cheesecloth infinity scarf. 

Blaze In A Double Breasted Blazer
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Dressing for formal gatherings in the heat of summer can be a daunting task, especially when the said event is outdoors. Here is an excellent opportunity to show off your regal side and sport the ever-classic double-breasted blazer. 

This transitional item of clothing is essential for taking your daytime look to an appropriate evening look. Casually popularized by sporting events in the 19th century, versatile piece of attire has become a smart wear classic in modern day, worn women and men alike. 

The double-breasted blazer is a natural pairing with a pair of chinos or pleated dress.

Kick It Retro
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Did you know that bell-bottoms and flares actually originated in the Navy? It was originally part of the uniform and came in an array of colours and fabrics. This popular 70’s-inspired garment is back for good and is ideal for every women, as it can be dressed up or down.

Try and find a nice high-waisted fit and pair with a heel for a more smart, to smart casual look, or alternatively a cute sandal for street and beach wear. Cotton and wool are the preferred fabrics to look out for.

Nautical fashion is a timeless look and usually sticks to the white and navy colour palette. But try to find ways to make it suit your style – introduce neutral coloured complimentary garments and accessories for a more clean and casual look, or use gold accents to light it up when that summer sun hits you.