The Lifestyle for You – Small Town or Big City?


You’ve seen or heard the age-old stories in books, movies or even real life: 

A young man leaves his small town to move to the big city and makes a name for himself. He faces challenges and has to adapt quickly, while making sure not to forget his roots or values. Sometimes, our protagonist finds love, sometimes heartbreak. But eventually, he finds himself.

Is it still that dramatic today? Is the divide that great? Or is it the other way around today, with city-dwellers moving to smaller towns to break away from the daily grind? 

What we do know is that a Sebago shoe conforms seamlessly in both the city and the countryside, and you might, too. So which lifestyle is the one for you? 

Let’s find out.

Big City Life


Cities like Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban are cultural hubs, always bubbling with activity and excitement. 

Living in a metropolis like this means to have a metropolitan lifestyle. The shops and malls are always open (or at least close very late), meaning that everything you need is always at your fingertips. Yes, the heavy traffic is frustrating, but it’s a fair trade for knowing that there is always transport available to you in one form or another. In the same way, sometimes housing can be small, but it means you can be close to everything you need. 

This is where the international pop sensations come to perform and this is where the biggest sports matches are played. There are restaurants upon restaurants to choose from, each offering something different from the next. And the recreational and nightlife offerings are unparalleled. Cinemas, theatres, opera houses and art galleries are juxtaposed with underground rap battles, nightclubs, street art and more. There’s always something to dress up for, and a Sebago shoe for every occasion. 

Everything costs a bit more, your workplace can easily become your second home, sleep is a commodity, and there’s no slowing down if you want to keep up. But if this thrills you, then this is the place for you to thrive.

Small Town Living


Can you hear it? The silence, the birds chirping, the wind chimes singing… You might not in the big city. But you will in the small towns and villages – places such as Paternoster, Clarens, Tulbagh or Nieu-Bethesda.

The supermarkets or farm stalls are a walk away, and the produce is as fresh as ever – unprocessed and without additives or preservatives. Although they close at 5pm at the latest, so plan ahead! 

Families live together and have spacious outdoor areas. They eat together, slowly, and enjoy every bite. There’s only one or two cinemas at the most, and the small school music concerts are well-attended. Fun isn’t about the trendy new hobby or where the hottest spot is, it’s about who’s at your braai or at your charades night.

The town dresses up in their Sunday best for church, not forgetting their Sebagos and pumps, and completes the weekend with a hearty Sunday lunch with the family. There’s always time for one more – round of drinks, plate of food, game of cards, you name it.

It sounds too slow or boring to some, but without the constant buzzing of a phone, each post giving you more FOMO than the last, there is a level of peace and contentedness in the quiet town. There is time, and what you use it for, well, that’s entirely up to you.

Choosing the right lifestyle and choosing the right shoe is all about finding the right fit for you. Have you found yours?