Being an Urban Explorer is all about seeking new and unique experiences, chasing the sun and living your best life. It’s a world where you watch the sunrise from The Michelangelo Towers in Sandton to having lunch at the lush Life Grand Cafe in Waterfront, Cape Town. That’s what we live for, making memories and living life to the fullest. In this Urban Explorer edition, we continue exploring the length and breadth of South Africa seeking only the finest restobars Mzansi has to offer. These are establishments that set the standard to premium urban exploring.



Our journey kicks off in Hazyview, a lush green sub-tropical town in Mpumalanga. Hazyview might not be a big city, but is home to one of the best premium restobars in Mzansi namely; Kuka Café – a sophisticated and afro-chic restobar. It is here where great food meets café culture with a touch of creative cocktails and an extensive wine list. The ambience in this modern and vibrant space gives it a top tier star rating, and that is not the end of it.

Wait until you taste the food, from the sushi to the tapas, everything is just mouth-watering. As you finish your meal, don’t worry about what to drink. That’s where the famous Kuka Lager comes in. A premium house lager that is a smooth drinking lager with citrus, malt & hop notes giving off a fresh, crisp taste. 

How you dress isn’t really an issue here. However, we recommend a pair of SPINNAKER Sebago’s, shorts, a bright coloured short-sleeved shirt and complete the look with a pair of sunglasses, we are in the ever-sunny Mpumalanga after all.


The Milk

From the Lowveld, we jump to the west of the country and find ourselves in the Mother City – Khayelitsha to be exact. Known as Cape Town’s emerging economy, Khayelitsha plays home to The Milk, a three-storey restaurant and bar, complete with a lavish champagne lounge and to top it all is a menu designed by a “Top Chef SA” runner-up chef, Ayabonge Gope.

This bespoke triple-storey restobar gives a whole new meaning to township lifestyle. Boasting events with some of Mzansi’s top entertainers, this space is ideal for a lunch date or a night out with your exploring squad. This upmarket venue has been making a buzz since it’s opening in 2018 having featured in some of the country’s popular publications. 

This is one place how you dress needs to make a statement. Here’s our tip: 
Men - Shoes: PORTLAND WINCH from Sebago, Pants: CHINOS, Top: MAINE POLO Golf T-Shirt. Women – Shoes: JAYNE LACELESS from Sebago, Pants/Dress: SKINNY JEANS, Top: Summer Blouse.



Whether you are a tourist visiting Cape Town for the first time or a local, this is the place to be.

Located only a few kilometres away from the Cape Town city centre in Gardens, is the 2019 Cocktail Bar of the Year, Cause Effect Cocktail Kitchen. Without a doubt, the cocktails are out of this world, and that is what brings patrons from all over the globe to this spot.

From the food to the experiential cocktails served by arguably the best barmen in town, this is Cape Town’s premium venue for Urban Explorers. 

This laid-back spot doesn’t need you to think much about what to wear. Keeping in mind that you are in laid back Cape Town this is what we suggest you put on: Men - Shoes: LEGACY PENNY from Sebago, Pants: JEANS, Top: DANBURY Shirt from Sebago.  Women – Shoes: HARPER TIE from Sebago, Pants/Dress: SKINNY JEANS, Top: Colourful Summer Shirt 


 Soul Souvlaki

Closing off this edition is Soul Souvlaki, a unique premium restobar in Parktown North, Johannesburg. This Greek-inspired, street food restobar utilises unexpected spaces to create a chic experience you will only find here. This restobar is fitted with untreated metals, recycled materials and concrete. These deliberate rustic imperfections, such as the use of broken tiles, that perfectly complement the use of quality design elements. 

The food is served, rolled in an artisan-made pita bread or on a plate. The dishes are of course Greek inspired. However, they also utilise non-traditional Greek ingredients for a street food experience simple enough to appeal to any palate.

From unique African and Greek beers to craft ice tea (lemon/peach) and Greek coffee, the experience here leaves one wanting for more. What you decide to wear here isn’t much of an issue but of course, as an Urban Explorer your sleek fashion sense has to make you stand out from the other patrons. Men - Shoes: LEGACY PENNY from Sebago, Pants: JEANS, Top: DANBURY Shirt.  Women – Shoes: PLAZA TALL BOOT from Sebago, Pants/Dress: SKINNY JEANS, Top: Shirt / Knitted Jersey.

Whether you are in the North or South, living life without limits is living your best life. Be an Urban Explorer.