On the Road: Farm Stall Gems of SA


Farm Stall Gems of SA

In previous months we embarked on various urban journeys with the Urban Explorer series. This month we get out of the city and hit the roads, stopping at different farm stall gems across the country. These aren’t just any farm stalls, but they offer unique and distinct experiences our Urban Explorer has become accustomed to. So gather your travelling squad - we are about to hit the road!

Peregrine Farm Stall – Grabouw, Western Cape 

Our journey begins in the Western Cape in Grabouw, located just 67 km from Cape Town, over Sir Lowry's Pass; here you will find the Peregrine Farm Stall, a gem to the Grabouw region.

Situated in the beautiful and fertile Elgin Valley along the N2 Highway, Peregrine offers a café, bakery and farm stall making it the ideal pitstop for an Urban Explorer looking for a balance between a modern and vintage experience. The aroma from the kitchen greets you as you walk in, giving you that nostalgic sense of country hospitality. Peregrine offers an abundance of locally grown produce, artisanal goods and select confectionery baked in a wood-fired oven. Their café-style casual dining provides a relaxed, yet sophisticated experience. Considering it’s wine country, stay a bit longer and enjoy some of the region’s top wines.


Nanaga Farm Stall – Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape

As we move along the coast into the Eastern Cape, we find the Nanaga Farm Stall, located just off the N2 Highway and R72 between Port Elizabeth and Alexandria. The story of how this farm stall began is one of determination and guts. When Lynn Lake decided to park her car on the side of a national highway to sell cabbages and pineapple juice from the boot of her car, she wouldn’t have imagined that her business venture would turn into the success it is today. Adding confectionery into the mix (especially pies), her husband decided to build her a little stall as close to the highway as possible. Many travellers passing by couldn’t help but wonder why so many cars were parked on the side of a highway, but soon discovered the joy and satisfaction her home-made pineapple juice and opulent pies brought. 

Over the years the stall grew, and extensions were made to accommodate the increasing number of items stocked – sweets, preserves, baked goods, local produce, etc. Today, Nanaga rests 5km down the hill in a field, and has grown into a sprawling shopping village. And the world-famous Nanaga Pie continues to fill the stomachs of travellers from all walks of life and a pineapple juice to wash it all down. 

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Mac Bananas Farm Stall – South Coast, KwaZulu Natal

We now find ourselves in the South Coast, surrounded by picturesque tropical scenery. This home to Mac Bananas Farm Stall, a unique destination which takes the idea of farm stalls to another level. 

Mac Bananas is a fun venue for the entire family, situated within the blissful surrounds of banana farms. This is a farm stall with a difference as it includes so much more to see and do than the traditional farm stall. It offers your preserves, fresh produce and sweet treats, but Mac Bananas also boasts a wine cellar, art gallery and nursery. The best part of this unique farm stall is the 20-odd adventure activities to keep you and the travelling squad busy throughout your visit. These include; quad biking, paintballing, archery, venture golf and more, this places Mac Banana Farm Stall in the ultimate bucket list when travelling to the South Coast.


What are you waiting for, the road is calling your name… after all, you’re the Urban Explorer.