This is the year where the Sebago wearer takes to the streets of South Africa to explore the fantastic wonders as an Urban Explorer. Over the last five years, the South Africa landscape has changed and with that, many hidden gems have popped up around the country and have become the trendiest areas. They range from the booming coffee and food culture along with street art, dance, live music, and fashion. 

This blog will follow you as an urban explorer, taking in the sights of Cape Town, Durban CBD or the Maboneng area. This blog will give you a guide through these areas and the must-see spots. We must warn you; these are not your conventional touristy spots you will get in a travel guide. So tie up your docksides and enjoy our list of hidden gems in South Africa.


Parkhurst, Johannesburg 

In the ’80s, Parkhurst’s 4th avenue was dubbed the “Antique Alley” of Johannesburg has now turned into the city’s key entertainment and shopping spot. It is a great spot to grab yourself a parody T-shirt from Harry Fokker and enjoy so much more from food, coffee, and art. 

Upon your first trip to Parkhurst, make a stop at the 4th Avenue Coffee Roasters for a strong espresso. It is the place to be for a refreshing experience with a classic street-café vibe. If that doesn’t fill your take, make your way to Rockets for a delicious meal. With two bars, you are bound to have great fun at Rockets. If beer is your thing, the Taphouse is well known for this vast spread of craft beers both on tap and bottled.

When it comes to shopping, Parkhurst is excellent when it comes to finding vintage pieces. Head into Hunter Gatherer in 4Th Avenue for beautiful décor and men’s fashion items – you are bound to find something that will go with your Docksides.


Rivertown Triangle, Durban 

Looking for a pair of Sebago’s while strolling around in the Durban CBD? You may find some in the Rivertown Triangle. Not only that, you will be able to shop for more. This warehouse has been fully transformed into a retail hub filled with bookstores, pop up shops and art galleries for you to explore till your heart’s content. 

For your coffee fix (which every urban explorer needs) a visit to the Artisan Coffeeworks is a must. You can expect to enjoy roasted beans from Ethiopia, South America, and Jamaica. This hotspot is located at number 8 Morrison Street. Once you’ve had a good cup of java, a bite is necessary. Fill your tank at the highly recommended Bon Bon’s Bake and Take – best known for its curry and what is a trip to Durban without a good curry. Follow the delicious smells, found at 14 Sylvester Ntuli Road.


Green Point, Cape Town 

If you are looking for a place that embraces people from all works of life, then Green point is the destination for you. This harbourside neighbourhood turned trendy playground is now home to vibrant hotspots that celebrates innovation and creativity. This area will inspire you, like never before. 

Start your day with a cappuccino from Giovanni’s. They are known for their real home-style cooking which is always welcome after a long day of city venturing. You can find them in Main Road, number 103. If you are looking for something spicier, pop in at El Burro for a taste of Mexico. They are located at number 81 Main Road. They are renowned for having a vast collection of tequilas which is a must try when in Green Point. 

If you are keen to try out the latest in designer fashions, make your way to Mash for a shopping experience you are likely not to forget. They call Portside Centre home, so pop in for a visit. You might find an item or two you could easily style with a pair of Sebago’s.