Get Your Summer Look Down with Summer Shoes


Summer is here!

But you don’t have to resort to flip-flops every day to enjoy cool comfort. With a Sebago boat shoe, you can pull off every look from super casual to semi-formal as you make the most of the good weather.

We’ve put together everything you need to complete your summer wardrobe and be the best-dressed no matter where you’re celebrating the festive season.

What you need:

Chino shorts
Denim cut-off shorts
Slim jeans
Cotton or linen pants
Plain tank tops
Plain T-shirts and Henley shirts
Polo or golf shirts
Short-sleeved button-up shirts
Floral Hawaiian or Cuban shirts
Thin long-sleeved button-up shirts
Cotton or linen blazer
Denim jacket
– straw or fedora or whatever else tickles your fancy
A belt which matches your boat shoes

How to put it all together:

Portland Job

Super Casual

This is the simplest of them all – especially if you’re not a fan of summer sandals. Perfect for a beach or pool day, do your favourite swim-shorts and tank with a casual boat shoe and you’re all set! 

Pro tip: If you need to be slightly more presentable at a later stage, just throw on a simple short-sleeved shirt over your tank, either buttoned or unbuttoned.

The perfect boat shoe for the look: Sebago Portland Jib

Portland Fgl

Smart Casual

Here you can get more creative with your personal style. For the bottoms, take a cuffed chino or dark slim jeans, or a smart chino shorts. For the tops, play around with thin long-sleeved shirts, golf shirts and Henleys – adding a denim or bomber jacket to offset the look and give you that edge for the evening.

The perfect boat shoe for the look: Sebago Docksides Portland



Boat shoes are not dress shoes or formal shoes. But if you are attending a summery beach wedding, you can give your look a twist with the right ensemble.

Take a tailored cotton or linen pants and pair it with a plain white t-shirt or plain white or light blue long-sleeved shirt. Top it with a cotton or linen blazer and you’re good to go! 

Pro tip: Simplify the process by investing in a linen suit

The perfect boat shoe for the look: Sebago Mapple

So now that your summer looks are sealed, get your pair of Sebagos and own the season!