Dress for the Job You Want


We often hear phrases like ‘you are what you wear’ or ‘dress for the job you want’, but what makes these idioms worth following?

Well, it depends on who we want to be and what kind of job we want, doesn’t it?

Here at Sebago, we have a shoe for every occasion and for every side of your multifaceted lifestyle. We’ve put together some points to consider when you’re putting together your next outfit.

Find your tribe

A corporate environment or law firm will have you clean-cut and sharp rocking our Smyth Wing Tip , and an advertising or tech company might like a relaxed look like our Docksides FGL

Etiquette expert and author Jacqueline Whitmore explains that dressing well is less about wearing a suit and tie and more about buying the best quality shoes you can. Shoes are your most important accessory because of the professionalism and attention to detail that a good pair can convey. 

Smyth Wing Tip | Docksides FGL

Treat every day like a job interview

Once you’ve figured out your look, you might be self-conscious about standing out, but wise words to keep in mind are that it’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed.

It’s also easy to put things off when we’re intimidated or nervous. 

“I’ll take my studies seriously when the next semester starts.” 
“I’ll be more responsible after I graduate.”
“I’ll wear that pair of shoes when I have a job interview.”

If you are currently employed and don’t have a job interview lined up but you go to work dressed immaculately and professionally, you will stand out to your bosses. Maybe you just subconsciously interviewed for that promotion you were eyeing.


Outside In and Inside Out

The two biggest factors in how your clothes can affect your future are: 

  1. How the clothes make you feel
  2. How the clothes influence how others perceive you

Dressing up has a mental impact on your behaviour and can give you a massive confidence boost. You walk differently, your posture changes and you feel ready for anything! 

In the same way, those around you notice little details such as your matching socks or the crispness of your shirt and, put together with your self-assured body language, they will feel confident in you, too.

Go for a Sebago shoe to let your clothing communicate for you. Go and craft the life you want.