The festive season is upon us, and that means the colourful fashion trend is back in full swing. Well, as Urban Explorers, we can’t be left behind, we keep up with the trends. After all, we are the pioneers of the new age. Whether it is going out to the club or date night, dressing to impress is in our DNA, and that why in this month’s edition of our Urban Explorer series, we’ll be looking at what and how to dress for the occasion.


Date Night

Dressing up on date night can be tricky, whether you’ll be going to a fancy restaurant then catch a late-night movie, how you dress up needs to make a statement. It becomes extra hard on the first date, not only do you have to impress, but you need to be confident as well. Balancing the two out is the hard part, but not anymore. We’ve got just what you need to make an impression while rocking a comfortable outfit that will give you an extra boost of confidence.


An African ethnic printed summer t-shirt paired up with skinny ripped jeans and the Sebago Portland Jib Flags boat shoes.

This outfit not only makes you stand out, but it also shows off a bit of flair in your personality making it the perfect outfit for a movie date night or a chilled date at a seaside or rooftop restaurant.


We all know how ankle cut jeans are in but picking the perfect shoes to go with is the key; the Sebago Jacqueline Flags boat shoes is the ideal shoe to have in your closet for such days. Mix this up with an elegant skew collar wrap around blouse, and you have yourself an outfit that will make heads turn. 


Clubbing Night

The festive season brings along the best parties, which means long nights out with a lot of dancing. This always comes with sore our feet in the morning when you wore the wrong shoes; this means choosing the right shoes before a long night out could be the defining factor of how good the night will be and just how long we’ll spend on the dance floor.


The Sebago Caroline Suede Lea casual shoes will take that comfy level up a notch and is perfect for those long dancing nights.


We have the Sebago Portland Millstone boat shoes, which gives not only the ultimate comfort but also the best swag.


Braai at Home

One of the best things about the festive season is having friends and family over for a lekker braai. It is essential to feel comfortable in our own home, so dressing in comfy clothes will send out a chilled vibe.


A pair of shorts paired up with the Sebago Maine Polo shirt is the look to go for, top that up with the Sebago Reid Wing Tip casual shoes, it will be sure to set you apart and set the standard for the braai.


We all love those summer dresses, and nothing goes better with them than the Sebago Nina Waxy casual shoe.

With the perfect shoe on your feet, you are bound to make an impression, and that’s what Urban Explorers are known for.

Having looked at multiple activities and how to get ready for them, we are all prepared to take on the festive. All that’s left to do is getting dressed, put the shoes and get ready for an unbelievable festive season!