5 Ideas to Jazz up your Backyard


You’ve got the coolest and most stylish shoes, but can’t go out to half the places you usually would to show them off.

Why not spiff up your backyard or patio to match your stylishness and enjoy your outdoor space at home to the fullest?

Here are 5 simple ways you can jazz up your backyard to never have to miss out on that going-out feeling again.

Light It Up

Light it up

With lighting options aplenty, you don’t have to settle for anything other than the perfect aesthetic for you.

Choose between lanterns (Eastern or Western), fairy lights and hanging lights to fit the layout of your patio. Alternatively, create your own using glass bottles or jars!

Go Green

Go green

Use pot plants or start a little herb garden. Put your plants on a wall or down on the floor; hang them or put them on shelves. Get creative and upcycle old containers or buy planters from your local hardware store or nursery. If you’re not confident about whether you can keep them alive, choose cacti or succulents; and if you’re a seasoned pro, get as adventurous as you like!

You can even pair your plants with fairy-lights for a whimsical night garden.

Cat Nap

Cat nap

Why not add a hammock so that you can lay in the sun in the late morning or afternoon? 

Hammocks, swing chairs and hanging chairs make perfect spots to get away to and catch 40 winks, read a book, listen to your favourite music or stargaze.

Heat It Up

Heat it up

A fire pit can be used all year round and makes for a communal experience – ideal for sharing stories and more.

There are ready-made fire pits which can be bought at a hardware store, or you could go the DIY route and brick one up yourself. 

Don’t forget to stock up on marshmallows!

Low Key High Tea

Low-Key High Tea

If you aren’t able to visit your favourite tea garden or beer garden, create your own!

Put together a little coffee table setting, paired with your choice of chairs, outdoor sofas, benches, or even pallets or logs. 

Go one step further and add a mini bar to keep outside for easy access of your favourite tea or tipple.

Mix these ideas up or pick just one to add that extra touch of style to your backyard or patio – just like a pair of Sebagos can do for your outfit.

All that’s left is to dress up and treat yourself to a night out in the garden for some fresh spring air and a good time!